My 3 Boys Kept Burning Their Fingers. This One Kitchen Item Solved All Our Problems (And Then Some)

Do you know the number one word spoken by a mom of three boys?


Don’t push your brother. Don’t spray paint the cat. Don’t jump on the couch.

And for the love of everything in this household, Don’t. Touch. The. Hot. Plate!

It’s as though boys have a magnetic field pulllllinnnnngggggg them toward anything that could burn, bruise, or otherwise harm them. Or maybe they just do it to torture me. 

No matter how many times I scream, “DON’T touch that, it’s hot!” my three kids will rip open the microwave seconds before the buzzer, grab whatever they’re reheating, and burn their hands. I cannot tell you how many dishes have been shattered across my kitchen floor after one of my offspring grabbed a too-hot plate.

Because apparently, “30 seconds to cool,” is just too great a barrier between an 8-year-old and his pizza rolls. 

Then, I saw Safe Grabs on Shark Tank, and it immediately transformed my kitchen into a burn-free, slip-free, splatter-free, zone.

Why Safe Grabs is My New Favorite Thing in My Kitchen 

I bought Safe Grabs for one reason: to get my three kids to stop burning their fingers.

Now, I have a running tally of a dozen uses (and counting!) for this one thing in my kitchen

Allow me to begin: 

  1. Grab things out of the stove or microwave without burning fingertips
  2. Open glass jars (no more, “Mooooooooom!!!! Can you open this!?!”)
  3. Prevent splattering in the microwave 
  4. Act as a shield between hot dishes and my kitchen table or countertops
  5. Act as a toddler-proof place mat (that’s dishwasher-friendly!) 
  6. Holds hot pots and pans — no oven mitts needed 
  7. Keeps food warm (my oldest son’s food stays warm if he’s running late from soccer practice)
  8. Covers casseroles — no more frustrating saran wrap needed 
  9. Acts as the perfect place to rest my hot curling iron 
  10. Creates mess-free counter space — the perfect place to rest dirtied spatulas, spoons, and serving utensils 
  11. Serves as a family-friendly cutting board — that, unlike wood, can be tossed in the dishwasher 
  12. Provides extra grip when carrying dishes (which, if you raise three kids, is a complete blessing) 

With a single Safe Grab (although trust me, I own several), I can take a casserole dish from the stove, carry it to the table, and set it on said table without grabbing anything else from my cupboards! It’s that easy. 

And, as is always necessary in a household with three boys, it’s dishwasher safe. No more cleanup for mom.

Safe Grabs Takes Up Zero Kitchen Storage 

Do you know how much spare kitchen storage I have? Zero. 

In a family of five, I can barely shove clean dishes back in their respective cupboards. Which of course, is what makes Safe Grabs such a dream — it takes up zero space! 

Since Safe Grabs lay flat, you can stack them under or over your pots and pans, without requiring any extra storage. Or, just leave them in the microwave! 

We leave two Safe Grabs in the microwave at all times — one to be placed above and below a dish — to prevent splatters and burns. Whenever they get dirty, we just toss them in the dishwasher then throw them immediately back into the microwave. 

I wish I owned Safe Grabs in college or in my twenties. I could have even stored Kitchen Grabs in my first shoebox, studio apartment. 

Safe Grabs Would Take….A LOT…to Combust 

I’m telling you, if three boys under the age of 13 can’t tear, rip, or otherwise break these, they’re not coming apart. 

Safe Grabs are heat resistant up to 475°F. I can’t tell you a single recipe I use that requires me to preheat my oven above that temperature. 

Plus, it’s BPA-free and stays non-toxic, no matter what temperature you cook it at.

Plus, the extra-strong grip and non-slip surface makes sure you’ll have a tight grip no matter what you’re carrying. (Actually, I think the unique raised grooves and edges is what makes them so great for opening jars.)

Safe Grabs Was Created Because the Founder Kept Burning Her Fingertips

Before being introduced to the spotlights of QVC and Shark Tank — not to mention the investment of Lori Greiner — the founder of Safe Grabs kept burning her fingertips. After many sour experiences grabbing a too-hot dish out of the microwave, she decided to do something about it. 

The result is Safe Grabs, and I can’t thank the founder enough. She prevented countless messes, spills, and even tears in my kitchen.

And she didn’t drain my wallet or use my limited cupboard space to do it!

Try Safe Grabs Today — Your Next Favorite Kitchen Item 

Safe Grabs has become my number one gift to all my friends and neighbors. Thus far, everyone I know is in love with Safe Grabs. 

To prevent messes, spills, and plenty of burned fingertips, you simply have to try Safe Grabs today. Plus, if you order right now, you can buy two Safe Grabs and get the third free!

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