Easily Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Burn-Free For Life With One Simple Tweak

I’m what you would call a lazy chef. The microwave is my one and only tool

But even the microwave comes with some frustrations, even for the laziest of us. 

The food obviously comes out extremely hot, but it’s such a small appliance and the bowls are so small that using oven mitts or pot holders is too difficult. 

So you either have to wait patiently for the food to cool down or burn yourself. Because I’m hungry and impatient, I usually choose the latter. 

It gets pretty frustrating burning yourself just once, but dealing with it every time I wanted to eat? No thanks. 

And not only did I burn myself, but I kept damaging countertops by putting the hot food down. My wife was NOT thrilled.

But the stars aligned recently and I found a genius, modern, affordable solution

I came across an episode of Shark Tank and a peppy, funny woman named Cyndy Lee came across my screen and I felt like we were soul mates (don’t worry, the Mrs. thinks so too). 

She talked about a product she had invented and patented that was specifically designed to prevent burns in the microwave (and has a TON of other uses as well).

As she demonstrated, I was blown away and knew I would be buying a few even if the sharks didn’t invest. But of course, Lori Greiner knew how many people would want something like this and invested right away. 

Thanks to her help and the wonderful Cyndy Lee, I haven’t burned my fingers or countertops since. My kitchen is safe and my wife is happy again!

Her product? SafeGrabs.

What Are SafeGrabs?

SafeGrabs are thin silicone-based mats that are patented to do seemingly endless amounts of things in the kitchen. 

They are beautiful patented innovations that transition from oven mitts to a trivet and placemat and more! 

But most importantly for me, SafeGrabs help you safely and quickly remove piping-hot items from the microwave immediately. 

They are an absolute must-have for any complete kitchen and home.

How I Use The SafeGrabs

The SafeGrabs will fit inside any microwave. Just place them flat on the bottom, and then put your food on top. 

When the food is done cooking, the SafeGrabs won’t have heated up at all! You simply pick the mat up with the food and go! 

Keeping the mat underneath the food when you place it back down to eat will also ensure that your table and countertops don’t get burned. 

Then just enjoy your food! Nice and hot.

There are a ton of additional ways to use SafeGrabs, but more on that in a minute. First, I want you to understand the genius behind it all.

How Do SafeGrabs Work?

The SafeGrabs are made from 100% BPA free silicone, which means it can resist heat up to 475° Fahrenheit. That’s why you won’t feel the intense heat when you go to pick it up, even if you’ve just been microwaving something on high for a while. 

The SafeGrabs are also food-grade silicone certified. Unlike saran wrap and other plastics, this means that nothing harmful will ever be leached into your food when you heat it up. 

The circular edges are also patented, and they help evenly distribute the heat. This creates a barrier which also prevents burns. 

Even better, the raised grooves and edges all over the surface prevent slipping and ensure that you’ll always have a firm grip. No stupid oven mit could say that. Trying to use regular fabric to grip a slippery glass bowl is scary! But you don’t have to worry about ANY of that with SafeGrabs. 

Finally, the upward edges are ergonomically designed for an easier grab. Cyndi really thought of everything when she made these. 

Oh, and did I mention that they’re naturally non-stick as well? You can dump or rinse off any food that falls onto it in a matter of seconds. But they’re dishwasher safe as well, so it’s still easy to clean anytime you want to be even more thorough. Being the lazy chef that I am, this was wonderful news.

Ways To Use Your New SafeGrabs

As Cyndy asked on Shark Tank, don’t we all love a multi-purpose product? Yes, Cyndy! Yes, we do!

The SafeGrabs work in a variety of ways, but I bet you can think of even more. 

Of course, they protect your hands from piping-hot dishes, but when you take it out of the microwave, it can also be used as a trivet. 

Need to mix something vigorously? These will help stabilize the bottom of a mixing bowl. 

You can also use them as a panhandle grabber if you’re using the stove. This is more of my wife’s territory than mine, but I know how much she appreciates using them. 

I also like using a SafeGrab as a splatter guard in the microwave. I just rest it on top of the bowl and my microwave stays perfectly clean. I used to use a paper towel for this, but that felt a little wasteful and still wasn’t 100% effective. Plus, paper towels are treated with bleach, so it still leached harmful chemicals into my food. Yikes.

You can also use them as a beautiful placemat. They come in multiple colors, so you can create the tablescape you want. 

My kids also use them as plates, since they’re so easy to clean up. Because they’re flexible, you can just fold them into a taco shape and easily slide the excess food off into the trash.

The Founder Also Made SURE These Would Work

Just a few more words about my love for Cyndi. 

Of course, I related to her problem of burning herself when she grabbed a hot dish from the microwave, but I was also blown away that her laziness in the kitchen did NOT translate to laziness in the business world.

She had actually applied to Shark Tank twice before she actually got on. She invested so much in the business that she had to move into her parent’s house to prevent taking on any more debt. 

She just believed in herself enough through all the rejection and heartbreak. 

And thank God she kept going, because now she has over six million dollars in sales! Truly an incredible rags-to-riches story. 

Especially with all of the corrupt corporations out there, it’s nice that a truly smart and hardworking woman was able to enjoy their same success. I love supporting brands like this, and I wouldn’t be recommending it to you if I felt her product and the business weren’t worth bringing into your own home.

Love Your Kitchen Again

There’s truly a new feeling in the house now that we have SafeGrabs around. 

I can eat without burning myself, my wife can cook without stress, and our countertops and tables haven’t suffered any burns. The kids are even cleaning up after themselves now that it’s so easy! 

Things just seem to hum and flow in our kitchen and home again, and it’s all thanks to Cyndi. I can’t recommend her product enough. You’ve really got to give it a shot.

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